Upgrade Mysql to MariaDB

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Remove MySQL

Install MariaDB

Rquire.js with Jasmine 2

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Project structure

├── css/
│   └── jasmine.css
├── js/
│   ├── require.js
│   ├── main.js
│   ├── models/
│   │   ├── player.js
│   │   └── song.js
│   └── test
│       ├── spec/
│       │   └── playerSpec.js
│       ├── jasmine.js
│       ├── jasmine-html.js
│       └── boot.js
└── index.html







  • toBe()
  • toEqual()
  • .not
  • toMatch(/Regex/)
  • toBeDefined()
  • toBeUndefined()
  • toBeNull()
  • toBeTruthy()
  • toBeFalsy()
  • toContain()
  • toBeLessThan()
  • toBeGreaterThan()
  • toBeCloseTo(e, number)
  • toThrow()
  • spyOn(obj, ‘method’)
    • toHaveBeenCalled()
    • toHaveBeenCalledWith(args…)
    • mostRecentCall

Geraldine Hamilton: Body parts on a chip

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Using start-stop-daemon on CentOS

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Download source


SSL Certificate Installation on Nginx or Apache

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SSL Certificate

Before we can sign up for a certificate we have to generate a RSA private key

You will be prompted to provide a passphrase(required). The key file is secured with this passphrase but we will eventually remove this protection.

Then, we will use this private key to generate a certificate signing request which is then submitted to the CA.

Remove the encryption from the RSA private key

Before we start configuring HTTPS Server we have to make sure to remove the passphrase from our RSA key. Otherwise you have to provide the password every time server started.

The unencrypted private key should only be readable by the owner of the Nginx or Apache master process. Most of the time this is the root user:

Generate SSL Certificate

Setting up server


Sigma Global Website

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Contemporary___SIGMA_17-70mm_F2_8-4_DC_MACRO_OS_HSM___SIGMA_GLOBAL_VISION-3 2


Nginx with Apache + FastCGI + PHP-FPM

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Install Apache2 + FastCGI + PHP-FPM

Apache Settings



Install Nginx

sudo apt-get install nginx


sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/test /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/test

sudo rm /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default

Restart Server

sudo service nginx restart

sudo service apache2 restart

sudo service php5-fpm restart

Why it’s so dang hard to stick to a resolution

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“Ask yourself what you want for yourself and your life in the next year. What is it that you want to offer the world? Who do you want to be, what do you want more of in your life? And then ask: How might I get there?”

Psychologist Kelly McGonigal explains how to make resolutions that lead to real change:

Building Your Jsbin Service

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  • Install node and npm
  • Install jsbin

    npm install jsbin or npm install -g jsbin

    if have node not found problem, link it to `/usr/bin

    ln -s /usr/local/bin/node /usr/bin/node

  • Clone jsbin project form github

    git clone [email protected]:remy/jsbin.git

  • Jsbin configuration settings

    Go to jsbin project folder

    cp config.default.json config.local.json and modify it. mkdir tmp; mkdir tmp/pids and chmod 777 tmp/pids

  • Install init.d script

    vim /etc/init.d/jsbin and chmod +x /etc/init.d/jsbin

    Change {userid} to your user id.

Update 2014-01-18

Using start-stop-daemon on CentOS

Adding jsbin to run at startup (CentOS)

chkconfig --level 345 jsbin on

Stopping jsbin from running at startup

chkconfig jsbin off

Backbone.js notes

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Method Note
object.on(event, callback, [context]) 註冊監聽一個事件, 並指定觸發 callback, 如果需要在 callback function 中改變 this 的對象, 將對象傳入 context
object.off([event], [callback], [context]) 取消監聽事件, 不指定事件將取消所有的事件

Backbone Event Testing


Properties / Method Note
constructor() You can use Backbone.Model.apply(this, arguments) to invoke constructor function of parent class
initialize() If you definean initialize function, it’ll be invoked when the model is created.
defaults Remember that in JavaScript, objects are passed by reference, so if you include an object as a default value, it will be shared among all instances. Instead, define defaults as a function.
attributes If you’d like to retrieve and munge a copy of the model’s attributes, use _.clone(model.attributes) instead.
validate(attrs, options) By default validate is called before save, but can also be called before set if {validate:true} is passed. Return your custom error message, and it will be stored to validateError
isValid() Run validate() to check the model state.
validationError The value returned by validate during the last failed validation.
set(‘attr’, ‘value’) or set({ attr: value})
destroy() You can use _.invoke() to call destroy function for a batch of models. ex: _.invoke(modelsArray, 'destroy')


  • create({ attr: value })
  • fetch()
Properties / Method Note
models Raw access to the JavaScript array of models inside of the collection.

Project Template


Properties / Method Note
el and $el
render() A good convention is to return this at the end of render to enable chained calls.

Backbone JS Data Types Primer


Example: TodoList

Backbone TodoList

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